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My (im)perfect start at Learning

January 23, 2011

Since I launched my new venture “Di3” (helping people shoot down pint bottles in < 3 seconds! :), there have been several occasions where I’ve thought to myself- “Why did I not learn these basics in college?” or “Why did they not teach this back in college?” before graduating from college.

I mean it’s not like my university/college/teachers did not teach our subjects right. Nor that I chose a different course/curriculum from what I wanted to learn.

It’s all because our curriculum’s were filled with subjects that the University deemed fit and not us. There were so many courses/subjects that I never wanted to learn, and knew I would never render any use from them (Yes, I realised these facts while in college). Yet I was forced to learn, memorise and write a 20-page booklet of answers on them.

I am not saying let me learn a bit of Science while I have chosen Commerce as my course of interest. But let me learn the varied subjects that complement a commerce line of work such as Statistics, Business Law, Database Management, etc.

Why can’t we be given a choice to learn what we want to? We may make mistakes, switch back to square one, but atleast we tried till satisfied. Make a few of them mandatory because they’re handy in all walks of life/lays the foundation of the course. But give me the option of learning what I want to!

I studied Bachelors of Management Studies (a.k.a Bachelors in Business Administrations), and did not have adequate classes on (or choice to learn) subjects that are so critical in any business. Some like:

  1. “Extensive” knowledge on operating softwares such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  2. Etiquette learnings & cultural behaviour
  3. CV writing & Presentation classes
  4. Understanding & usage of ‘Search Engines’ and ‘Social & Professional Networking’ tools

The impact of knowing the above subjects would have had such a drastic effect on the way I performed my tasks and lay the foundation of my career ahead.

After stepping out of college, working for 2 years and starting my venture, I realise the effects of an education system that is rigid and closed.  One that shaped me so differently from who I am today and the struggles I went through to change myself all over again, to suit the dynamics of todays age.

Thus, I request everyone to contact your respective college and help students understand the reality of today’s Business environment, and help them prepare for the same. Let them not waste their precious time adjusting from college life and it’s learnings to that of a corporate life, and instead utilise that time to out grow us!

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  1. Minal permalink
    January 25, 2011 2:58 PM

    So true.. the course structure in our country is very closed with hardly any options.. its primarily the students who can bring about a difference.. very well written..

  2. Purushottam permalink
    January 27, 2011 1:54 AM

    While the initial part prepares the platform, the item in italics is the real ACTIONable. And on that front, I feel you have done fair bit of injustice to juniors/colleges etc by keeping it concise. I wud love to read more about some solutions – that can be implemented and some gyan on the modus.

    The 4 points you brought out are brilliant and they have a huge mileage in any walk of life. Resume building can be irrelevant to businessmen but then its an art too!

    Nevertheless, a good start I must say. You should write more often and prolly in detail.

    Way to go buddy !

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