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Matters of choice

April 19, 2016

Our life is the sum of choices we make at every step of the way. At every junction of life, it’s the choices we make that define us & lead us to the next one.

We can choose to relive past injustices, ponder over old grudges & remain dismayed about the future to come. Or we can nurse our heartaches, fight our insecurities, overcome the hurdles and look to forward to the brighter future, feeling gratitude for everything that gets you there.

It is upon us to choose where to aim our attention. At every event of life, we instinctively & subconsciously make a choice. They come naturally to us, and without another thought, we continue to focus in the said direction.

Of course it’s difficult to change this natural thought, but we have to remember its not the only choice we have. It won’t help if you continue to tread on the same path again and again, if doesn’t help you improve your situation.

It takes a conscious effort to take a pause, and choose actions that help you grow, in all walks of life you deem important.

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